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The online Austin Peace Center is an effort to connect you with information and resources that are involved in greater good initiatives or that is of interest to our readers and members of the Austin Peace Center team.  There are a number of initiatives that we feel are meeting the goals and objectives of the peace center.  Our underlying philosophy is devotedly Christian and while we will share information from a large number of organization, many of which might not be Christian or even religious by nature, our focus is to work towards a common good.

Material Handling Company Leveraging Innovative Technology to Meet Growing Needs

Yankee Supply, a leading provider of used material handling equipment based in Johnston, RI has been a pioneer since their founding over 35 years ago. “What makes Yankee so impressive is their on-going commitment to leverage new school technology to solve very old school problems to meet the needs of their customers,” says Dan Noyes, the president of Zephoria, a New York marketing consulting company. “We’ve worked with Yankee for over a decade and they continue to impress us with the way they embrace innovative technology and social media to not only build their business, but to harness the power of the web to find just right solution to their client’s business need,” Noyes continued.  According to the MHI, material handling equipment new orders grew 7.2% in 2012 and are forecasted to grow 5.0% to 6.0% in 2013 and 10.0% or more in 2014, according to the latest Material Handling Equipment Manufacturing Forecast (MHEM).

Yankee Supply specializes in providing products and services related to an organization’s warehouse or material handling equipment needs. For example, a company has a warehouse full of new product. That product, which typically will be stored on pallets can quickly use up all the available floor space in a warehouse. To fit more product in less space, most warehouse managers or material handling equipment managers will stack these pallets on pallet racks. “Yankee Supply has created an innovative technology solution which is able to identify the immediate need of one business owner and then find an appropriate used material handling that is not being used by another company and join the two together,” says Noyes. “While material handling may not be the sexiest business, I’m reminded that over a year ago Amazon paid $800 million for Kiva Systems which provides mobile robotic material handling and order fulfillment technology while just recently Amazon bought the Washington Post for $250 million dollars. It is amazing when you consider what those two transactions say about their respective industries. Make no mistake about it, material handling is big business”, says Noyes.

“As soon as new product needs are identified online, the Yankee Supply technology team quickly identifies prospective solutions. In essence, Yankee Supply is providing the same just in time deliveries that are delivered by their clients,” Noyes concludes.

About Yankee Supply
For over 35 years, Yankee Supply ( a Johnston, RI based material handling equipment provider, has been focused on delivering used material handling equipment including used pallet racks, used conveyors, used mezzanines, and all other elements of an organizations warehouse supply chain.

About Zephoria
Zephoria is an internet marketing consulting company based in New York focusing on helping clients build more traffic with better results. Zephoria works with a number of clients in the Fortune 5000 as well as emerging growth companies based across the United States.

Durango Colorado Consumer Connection, the Durango Colorado based business to consumer portal, released an innovative redesigned user experience for connecting consumers to local businesses. Instead of trying to add themselves into the growing list of business and consumer social networks, is focused on integrating users existing social networks with the latest deals, events, and happenings in their local community. reaches the Four Corners area including Durango Colorado, Las Cruces, Grand Junction, Pagosa Spring, and other communities in the region.

The new site will focuses on the parts of BuzzTown people have used the most. “We found people use BuzzTown to connect to businesses and make buying decisions” said Kricket Lewis, Director of Product Development and Marketing. “The redesign is focused on giving people a better, faster and easier way to do that “

In addition to connecting people to deals and events happening in their town, the redesigned site makes it easier to share that information via social networks. “People want to tell their friends about a great deal,” says Grant Pullman, Manager of Marketing Communications at “The new site makes sharing that information to social networks a more seamless process.”

BuzzTown is improving its services for businesses to support the redesigned site. BuzzTown now offers more assistance in creating and optimizing digital media and marketing on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ to make it easier for businesses to be found by customers searching online. was launched in 2009 and has been helping small to medium sized businesses in the Four Corners area use the internet to grow their business since then. BuzzTown merges the best practices of digital directories, deals, reviews and relevant local information with digital marketing expertise – ads, promotions, SEO, SEM – into one great experience that helps bring local buyers and sellers together.

From the Editors — We are huge fans of BuzzTown, we could not help but share this exciting news about one of most successful company and consumer portals in Durano Colorado and the Four Corners area of Colorado. Buzztown is constantly on the leading edge of social and technology marketing innovation which means this news is really exciting.

Preventative Health Screenings For Women

Preventative screenings, like mammograms and colonoscopy, help doctors and patients proactively monitor an individual’s changing health. Although every screening is different and nothing can guarantee 100% accuracy in every case, the preventative screenings recommended by doctors are the best technology available to find cancer and other ailments early and effectively. At Southtowns Radiology, we provide three common preventative screenings for both men and women.

1. Mammograms screen women for breast cancer typically beginning at age 40. The American Cancer Society recommends women have a baseline mammogram at age 40 or sooner if there is a family history of breast cancer. Mammograms are an annual exam and it is important for women to keep current with their yearly mammograms because breast health changes from year to year. Between visits, it’s also important for women to have a clinical breast exam with their doctor and continue to do a monthly self-breast exam at home.

2. Bone density tests are recommended by the National Osteoporosis Foundation for women or men over the age of 50. A quick and painless scan, bone densitometry screens for osteoporosis and provides an analysis of the overall bone health of an individual. Your doctor can help determine what your risk factors are for bone loss and with that information will determine how frequently you should continue screening.

3. Both men and women should have a colonoscopy beginning at age 50 to screen for colon cancer or polyps, as recommended by the Colon Cancer Foundation. This scan should be done every ten years after that. Most patients have a traditional colonoscopy but in some cases, based on the patient’s medical history, a doctor may recommend a virtual colonoscopy in a CT machine. At Southtowns Radiology, we offer CT Virtual Colonoscopy for patients with whom traditional colonoscopy is not an option.

It is always best to see your doctor annually and review what preventative health screenings you should be doing. The American Cancer Society website is also a great resource to learn more about recommended guidelines and stay on top of your own health. Visit them at for more information.